O'Khaos Creations is the collaborative effort of two artists, random events, you and the world we live in. We carry a million ideas for creative projects but they likely will never happen the way we imagine them because we prefer to let the artwork take on a life of its own. In our view, each material that we work with has its own individual needs, possibilities and limitations that we attempt to utilize.

We operate in accordance to a few basic principles.

  • Beauty at every step. This is our working philosophy and it serves us well. By working this way we maintain the freedom to keep our actions creative and minimize the need for ornamental coverings or other kind of aesthetic hacks
  • Conceptuality. Our goal as artists is to expand perspective, to share something new and different. We place a priority on getting the observer/interacter to think about (or experience) the world in an uncoventional way and ideally we find a whole new concept to share..
  • Functionality. We think of our artworks as tools. They can be beautiful but if it doesn't do anything else then it doesn't serve it's purpose either functionally or aesthetically.
  • Interactivity. We make art with an aesthetic, conceptual and functional value that has a "try me!" label as opposed to art's usual "look but please don't touch" attitude.

Here's how we operate:

We, currently, operate in the Paris area and are actively seeking out new projects. We are exploring the city with the purpose of finding a particular place where we believe we can make a better atmosphere through the use of interactive art.
We enjoy working with recycled materials we acquire/find around Paris. Although we can appreciate the environmental benefits and logic of using such material, in fact, we like to work this way because it's cost effective (at least it can be) and it's extremely challenging and thereby rewarding to take something casted away and turn it into something beautiful. We are therefore constantly mining the city for materials that have been considered useless and ugly and we attempt to transform them into beautiful and functional items.
Perhaps our favorite thing about working this way is something we call "working inside the box". We let the objects we find encourage and shape our work as much as we let the thing we want to produce define what we eventually do. Perhaps this sounds weak from an artistic point of view but we don't mind that criticissm as we enjoy the challenge of findings ways to be creative from within the confines of restrictions. We feel it is more honest to work this way as we are all in fact restricted by many things.. be they time, money, or just unavoidable pieces of life coming up.

Please enjoy the music..