First we should explain the name. Foregoing the long story behind its creation, it will suffice to say the following: The parental state of the world as we see it is that of Order and Chaos. The world before a human mind interacts with it is neither order nor chaos, after the conscious interaction with the universe the following two basics develop: That which is understood (ordered experience) and that which is not (chaotic experience). As we develop our ideas further we begin to put something in one category and others in another category.

Our goal as artists has been to explore those unthreaded regions of chaos (and relate our experience through our sculptures and writings) and to redefine those regions of order that seem to be under perceived to us. We do not necessarily hope to do anything particularly new, we wish only document our personal exploration of our experience of the world and to relate what we cannot understand or express in the form of art.

We are a team. We arrive at the same destination via different paths. We have spent our life learning in, from and for the world and we are ready to teach to you.
We work together, each of us brings a valuable perspective to the art we make...
We strive to be and helplessly are completely different while simultaneously seeking a common ground in our curiosity, a propensity for challenging ourselves and love of the artistic process. One of us may care about functionality, the other about funkynality, that's what makes us work and that's how the work makes us.

It is no easy task and it is quite chaotic. We often console ourselves as we are cast amongst our own version of chaos with our personal mantra Dont worry everything will be Okhaos.

We had been adventuring together for some time and had noticed a rather paradoxical thing about our journeys: When we would really seem to be in a hopeless or terrible situation, we always found ourselves coming out ok and in a rather surprising and wonderful way. The more chaotic things got the more interesting they got and we kept discovering how capable we were, despite our fears, of handling the chaos of those days. Believing that everything will be ok'haos is where we find the strength to continue creating together. We see art as an exploration and we see ourselves as adventurers in the realms of perception.